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What Do You Do With Pubic Hair?

What do you do with Pubic Hair?

I think the clean look, read: shaving or waxing the pubic hair, is beautiful.  It is in fact a bold identity ownership statement.  Pubic hair is simply in the way of tactile pleasure for women.  In the past – your grand parenTemporary.Vagina.Tattoots days – sex was all “penetration”.   Men spent little time outside the hole (the Vagina) which they regarded as the the only organ to give women pleasure .

Perhaps we can blame men of those days, but I am going to lay a bit of the blame on us women. The Pubic Hair covered everything.   We know that men can only go after what they see.  If pubic hair covered the clitoris and labia, men did know they existed.   So, men just aimed at what lay in the center of the bushy goals posts and hoped they hit vagina.  And, men who suspected there is something other than the vagina aching for stimulation, considered it a distraction from the main goal.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and women are unabashed about showing where they want attention.  They want long moments of clitoral and labial stimulation before penetration.  It is simple, if you don’t show your hot property you won’t get traffic.  You should not only show it, but you should adorn it!

In a recent survey among college students 60% of the men preferred the no hair look. In the same survey, the majority of men and women reported enjoying an oral sex encounter as a direct result of pubic hair removal within the week prior.  Thanks to these trends, the Brazilian waxing business is growing at  7.6% rate each year when the rest of the economy can’t even get to 2%.  So, my advice since we are not beavers,  remove your pubic hair and enjoy your sexual identity .

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