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MG-PhotoMy work puts me in social networks where the latest fashion trends are worn and talked about. I came up with the Brazilian Plus (Brazilian+) concept because of my passions for painting and for fashionable women. The increasing adoption of the shaving the pubic area and the Full Brazilian Wax look was the catalyst that brought my two passions into one focus. Fashion trends show that we now have a full generation of American women and their lovers that prefers the naked mound look.

All the temporary vagina tattoo designs you see in the following pages are my personal creations. They are signed by me so that you know you are wearing a mounir mounir original art.

About Me: I have lived and worked in countries stretching over four of the six continents: Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Born in Egypt, from the Nile which courses through that country, I caught a travel bug. I left my country at age 17, and went on an adventure to over 30 countries over the 30 years that followed. I was either following work, or just having fun; staying in some countries for extended periods of time, and going back to others more than once or twice – I currently live with my wife in California

My works treat freeing the human Spirit from worldly burdens. I believe that the grandest thing in the Universe is the Spirit that is within every being. I particularly think that women are more of an interactive, dynamic, and expressive vessel of this grand Spirit. My work attempts to capture moments of root expressions in order to liberate live and dormant emotions in the viewer. Whatever those emotions are and for however long they endure, it is an act of freeing us from the fog of life.

My style is at times impressionism and other times abstract. I do not draw the painting on canvass before beginning it. I prefer to approach the canvass with a brush loaded with color and let imagination guide my subject’s contours and colors to portray an overall visual effect instead of realistic details. I use strong contrasting colors which my critics have used against me. I use strong colors to express the tug and pull of emotions that the world pressed on us. In the modern world, we have to shade, hide, and blend our emotions. This shading of emotions is a trap of the Spirit within us. I use frank colors to communicate more deeply.

I came to painting late in my life. I was trained as an international financier and a diplomat. I am blessed to have been able to work and travel in over 30 countries where peoples of many cultures left lovely impressions within me. I have benefitted from visits to established artists ateliers in Paris, Florence, and Moscow and talking to those artists. I have been influenced by works of Billy King (American) for his bold colors, Tonia Nikolaidi (Greek) for her bright seascapes, and Alexey Krasavin (Russian) for his powerful abstracts and bold brush strokes. My works are in private collections in 3 continents.


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