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Temporary Tattoos are really the rage now.  This is because of the many advantages over permanent tattoos. There’s no pain, no risk of infections, no hassle, and you are not committed to any image for the rest of your life. You can have the tattooed look with a whole lot less hassle.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair or Like a Full Brazilian Look?

Now if you want to to set yourself apart, our Temporary Fake Tattoos really add an elegant touch of beauty to your personality after you  Shave Your Pubes or doing a Full Brazilian Wax. A famous Southern California body art painter created these temporary tattoo designs. This means you are not getting the canned tattoo design of curly leaves and butterflies that everyone is wearing.

Get Attention Where You Want It

With these above the V Temporary Tattoos, you will get attention where you want to have it. You will set yourself apart because these realistic Fake Tattoo designs are inspired by very sensual places like Bali, Taj Mahal, and the Kasbah in Morocco.  The shaved pubic hair look now dominates, particularly in Europe.  British Cosmopolitan Magazine says one in two young women in England are entirely removing their pubic hair.  It may be outrageous to shave your pubic hair, but it says you own your gender out in the open.  But once you have taken that bold step – or should we say bald step – Just put on one of our original designs and you will love the look.  Browse our temporary tattoo designs in – Painted Bikinis and the Painted Thongs on our pages and you will immediately know that you will get attention.

Created and Signed by Artist

The artist who created these rare fake tatts has been into Body Painting for years and these are the coolest fake tattoos you will find in the whole world.  We guarantee you that with these body art pieces you will get you attention where you want it and will add more fun to sex.

“one should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”.

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