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Temporary Tattoo. Paint on Your Bikini

Temporary Tattoos for your pubic area after shaving your pubes or doing a Brazilian Wax simply complete your look in a very artistic way.  Actually, one woman told me after seeing my brazilianplus tattoo designs, that she did not shave her pubic hair before but not she does.  She considered these rich color designs as if they were like vagina cosmetics.  Her reasoning was that she expects kisses down there, so why not wear cosmetics to attract the attention.

Fake tattoos for the vagina area which you find on the market today are either recycled old tattoo designs or very slutty. I just do not see any imagination in what other companies are offering.  Our long lasting temporary tattoos are inspired by sensual scenes and places where I traveled all over the world.  I made these pieces of body ink to invoke wild sex and love.  You will not find anything that comes close to my designs.  The tattoos are waterproof – yes you can take a soapy shower, and will last for at least two weeks looking great.  And unlike permanent tattoos, you are not stuck with the decision for the rest of your life.

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