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How to Apply Temporary Tattoo

For ultimate realism, we make our Temporary Tattoos to interact and interlace with your skin.  Each tattoo has transparent areas where skin will show through.

Best Way to Apply Temporary Tattoo After you shave your Pubic Hair or After A  Full Brazilian Wax

  • Your Shaved Pubic area must be dry and free of oils – if you have skin irritation because of shaving or waxing, wait a day before you apply

  • Use small scissors and cut neatly around the image of the Temporary Tattoo

  • Remove protective plastic sheet (which is on top of image) and turn the image so it is facing your skin

  • Position Tattoo on your clean and shaved pubic area just above your clitoris – do not cover the vagina lips

  • Have a slightly wet washcloth ready- not too wet. Use the palm of your hand and press the tattoo evenly on your skin – the image must be facing your skin

  • Use the wet washcloth – not soaking wet – and hold it against the paper backing of the Tattoo for 30 seconds

  • Carefully gently peel away the paper. The Temporary Vattoo will be transferred to your skin

Trick to Make Your Temporary Tattoo Look Real and Last Longer:

After applying your temporary tattoo, rinse the image with water and then fully pat dry. After you are fully dry, use a large makeup brush and stroke over the Tattoo with translucent makeup powder. To make your tattoo last longer avoid rubbing it with wash cloth when you are taking a shower.  Pat the area dry when you are drying off with a towel instead of rubbing it.

Water Proof:   Our Tattoos are water proof. You can shower, go swimming, and make love normally. They will last looking good for about two weeks.

How To Remove A Temporary Tattoo: 

If you wish to remove your Tattoo early, use a cotton ball and baby oil and rub over the image gently

Safety: Our Tattoos are made in the USA by TMI of Tucson, Arizona. TMI puts out 7 million temporary tattoo images daily with an excellent safety record. Tattoos do not contain Black Henna or PPD. All colors are FDA approved. Should you develop skin irritation, remove Tattoo with baby oil as instructed.

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