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Paint Your Body with Temporary Tattoos Thongs and You Will Be Wearing Nothing At All

Let’s face it, almost all the Temporary Tattoos that you see on the market are the same. The only difference between them is the price.  But, our tattoo designs are so out of this world which will make you feel like sexy and special.  Fake tattoos are really in fashion, and we see all kinds of internet shops selling them without regard for the shopper. They are curly cues, single red rose tattoos, pierced heart tattoos, spider webs. All these are just canned designs without any imagination.

You deserve a different look. And our temporary tattoos are not only beautiful creation but they look very realistic.    We offer the newest and most unusual designs pf Temporary Tattoos for women who shave their pubes or get a full Brazilian Waxing. These designs are very artistic.  Your body will appear like an artist canvas.  This is because the designs were carefully  created by a contemporary paint artist who works on canvass and body paint.  Some women wonder, so we have shaved down there, is it working for me? Well, if you dress it up it will work so well. So dress up your love mound Choose from a batik pattern, or butterfly temporary tattoos and you will have a unique look. Each tattoo design is signed by the artist which will make you feel sexy.

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