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Temporary Vagina Tattoo. Emerald Lace


5.0 (17 reviews)

Vagina Art



  • Your Shaved Pubic area must be dry and free of oils
  • Use small scissors and cut neatly around the image of the Temporary Tattoo
  • Position Tattoo on your clean and shaved pubic area just above your clitoris – do not cover the vagina lips
  • Use slightly wet washcloth ready- not too wet. Use the palm of your hand and press the tattoo evenly on your skin – the image must be facing your skin. Press for 30 Seconds
  • Carefully gently peel away the paper. The Tattoo will be transferred to your skin
  • Our temporary Tattoos come with full instructions






An emerald necklace for your Jewel Box. This design will interplay with your skin and lay on your mound like a jewel necklace. The Emerald lace Vattoo is one of our most subtle designs, wear it on an evening out and when you get home and take your clothes off – leave some jewelry on, you will be bedecked with jewels from top to bottom….

Our temporary tattoos (Vattoos) are made to interlace with your skin to give a more natural look.  Your skin will show through what appears as white on the Vattoo image on the left.

Best Temporary Tattoo Application: After applying your temporary tattoo, rinse the image with water and then fully pat dry. After you are fully dry, use a large makeup brush and stroke over the Tattoo with translucent makeup powder.

Water Proof:   Our Tattoos are water proof. You can shower, go swimming, and make love normally. They will last looking good for about two weeks.

To Remove:  If you wish to remove your Tattoo early, use a cotton ball and baby oil and rub over the image gently

Safety: Our Tattoos are made in the USA by TMI of Tucson, Arizona. TMI puts out 7 million temporary tattoo images daily with an excellent safety record. Tattoos do not contain Black Henna or PPD. All colors are FDA approved. Should you develop skin irritation, remove Tattoo with baby oil as instructed.

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 5 in

17 reviews for Temporary Vagina Tattoo. Emerald Lace

  1. Gabbie

    I saw something similar on the market – grown up’s temporary tattoos, they costed something more than $50, they were super complicated to use and they lasted for less than a week. When I saw your product, I couldn’t believe my eyes that this is real. I ordered right away and I was pretty skeptic. I can say, this is everything that I wanted and more!!! Awesome design, great quality, even better price!!!

  2. Tara

    Beautiful design with the best possible price! My favorite thing about these vattoos, besides the design, is that they are easy to apply and easy to peel off, so I can have a different body art every two weeks. It gives me the motivation to take a better care of my body. Amazing!

  3. Cordy

    You wont find true love, but damn this is a step in the right direction. If you can go out on date knowing that you exhibit ancient beauty, which this does, you can become more and more confident. Then when he sees you, and what you bring to your Vattoo, then he will be all over you. Its takes you to the next level of beautiful.

  4. Annie

    I am a really big fan of body art, but I am not really consistent, tattoos are not the right choice for me, because I want something new every day. When I saw this temporary tattoos, I knew that this is what I was looking for. Perfect design, perfect colors. Really fast shipping and great quality.

  5. Sophia

    It looks pretty on my bare skin. Long lasting temporary tatoo. Feels sexier and beautiful. I recommend it

  6. Melanie

    These just look awesome!! They make you look and feel beautiful. They last long, and make you want to show them off. You have a new customer. Keep up your great work.:)

  7. Kelly

    Fashionable and sexy! Great product with one great design. I love the color choice, it looks nice and clean. I feel more confident and a lot more sexy since I have this product. The price is really affordable and the product is with a really high quality,

  8. Dawn

    I feel more confident when i start using this vattoos. It exceed my expectations and really amazed me. I already recommend my friends and when they visit your website, WOW, they can’t decide which design to buy. Keep up the good work.

  9. Tasha

    This is the best product ever. Your boyfriend will like it. Your girlfriend will like it if you swing that way. Try it. Buy it. Its awesome. You’ll love it. Trust me.

  10. Chloe

    Beautiful design, you can see a lot of the skin under the vattoo. It really looks like lace. I especially love how it looks on tanned skin. Really fast shipping, high quality. A+ product

  11. Zoe

    I made a buy of a couple different Vattoos, and my favorites without a doubt are the ones that look like lace, this one and the thai one. They just look so beautiful. You wont want it to fade.

  12. Jackie

    I tried the combination from the picture – yellow bra and this design only. And OMG, how good it looks. It looks awesome on pale skin and on tanned skin. Beautiful design, great price, fast shipping and it stays at least 10 days on bare skin.

  13. Moni

    Beautiful print and colors, it is so soft, feminine and looks sensual. Great product, clear instructions, I didn’t have any problem applying it and the product is very durable. Prefect intimate jewelry, great body art. A+ product

  14. Cordy

    Damn….this is good

  15. Wilma

    I am a shy girl. I feel weird wearing low necklines and slits that are too high. It took some convincing from my girlfriend to get me to try this. Im glad I did. I felt like a Goddess, and when my boyfriend saw this, it was like he was a devotee at my feet for the rest of the evening. Im more than grateful. This is just such an empowering product.

  16. Kendra

    OMG… my friend and I usually going waxing together. She showed me one of your designs and your site. I love it!!!! I tried the Emerald Lace design. It is so beautiful. My skin shows through all the pattern, it looks so natural… I am buying more. I really don’t care if my boyfriend likes it or not, this is for me.

  17. beth.T

    This was like jewelry for my Vijay Jay

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