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Temporary Tattoo inspired by Alhambra, Spain


4.9 (10 reviews)

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From Grenada Southern Spain, the land of Flamenco music, passionate love making, and chivalry.  Alhmabra Vattoo is my own signed piece of pinks and reds geometric design taken from wall frescoes in the Alhambra Palace.

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Dimensions5 × 3 in

10 reviews for Temporary Tattoo inspired by Alhambra, Spain

  1. Natalie

    Beautiful! I love the geometric design, and I really like the red and the pink! This vattoo is nothing like the old, vintage tattoo designs, it is a new kind of jewelry! It stays on the skin more than 10 days and it has a really high quality!

  2. Mindy

    More women should know about this. Its so sexy. I don’t wear underwear

  3. Sarah_Jane113

    When you can get such a colorful, and cute item to adorn your sweet spot, and you need to spice things up with your man [or your woman—-its the New Age after all.] This Vattoo will have them right where you want them, probably for too long and too intensely, so watch out.

  4. Morgan

    I found this while googling. Saw it, bought it loved it, what more can I say! Give it a try. Its inexpensive but not cheap, and it hs the look of something much more expensive. It shows a bit more than you might be expecting though, but that is really the point.

  5. Ecca

    I love math, so this design is the perfect one for me. I love the colors, it goes great with a nice black underwear. Very durable product with an amazing price. Great job guys!

  6. Belinda

    Lets face it, we live in a time when brazillian waxes and hair removal are just mainstream. You struggle to look your best with eating well and tanning on a regular basis. At the end of the day you should reward yourself, and what better way then this?

    Body art usually costs like ten times this much. The affordable Vattoo price allows you to stock up and try different designs until you find the ones you like. It also helps you be more creative in bed. Its great!~

  7. Kellie

    I used a a lot of temporary tattoos before. There is nothing like this. I loved it. Will get another got Valentine’s day

  8. Debra

    These temporary tattoos are nothing like I have ever seen before. They are better than the old fashioned “hair styles” that were modern in the 70’s and they are so much better than the temporary tattoos that are used by kids. The design is wonderful, the parts where the skin is shown are just in the right places, they are easy to apply and I believe that it is everything a woman could want.

  9. Kyra Silvestre

    Sometimes you have to be naughty to keep the relationship interesting. And this vattoo thongs is the one you must have. So all the girls out there, you must try this and you will not regret it.

  10. Erica

    These colors look amazing with a nice black underwear. My boyfriend just went crazy when he saw this, he preforms so much better and I am more than happy ;), Spice things up in the bedroom with these thongs, trust me, you will have a blast. Best temporary tattoo for women

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