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Temporary Vagina Tattoo – Peacock Fancy


5.0 (10 reviews)

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie






Pussy with Peacock Pride

Peacock feathers are collected because no bird feathers are more colorful. In some tribal areas, only kings and queens were allowed to wear Peacock feathers… Now you can wear this beautiful peacock feather Vattoo in your most intimate area… princes will bow down and kiss to pay homage!


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Dimensions5 × 3 in

10 reviews for Temporary Vagina Tattoo – Peacock Fancy

  1. Ingrid

    My husband bought these for me. He said he never thought I’d do this. He never thought I’d skinny dip or get my nipples pierced, or do a brazilian wax for him either. Life is full of surprises. This one is worth it.

  2. Daisy

    I bought this vattoo as a gift for my friend, but, honestly, I did not thing that is something special. When I opened it before giving it to her, I was just stunned by the bright colors and the quality of the design. I couldn’t help myself and I just put it on myself. It looks amazing. I bought her another one without telling her that I liked it too much to give the first one to her. :)))

  3. vicky_lee

    So I have this thing, I hate the waxing business, but I like the look. lets be real, in this day and age you have it done unless your 90 years old and in an adult foster care home.

    This V-thong, when me and my friends came across it while surfing the net on a girls night, was just an awesome find. I love the peacock feathers. They are so exotic. I had to buy a couple different designs. its kind of like pringles, cant just have one.

  4. Kristin

    I find out this item after my waxing day and it captivates me. Looks interesting. So i decided to try it and its the right decision i make. Awesome and one of kind. Highly recommended.

  5. Leila

    Exotic design. The colors stand out and I feel amazing. I love the price, it allows you to buy as many products as you want. Top quality. I love the blue in this design, it pops out and it looks magnificent. Just beautiful.

  6. Jamie

    I used to trim my pubic hair before and my friend recommend me to tried waxing it. Then she introduce me this product. It’s really change my life. What a great creation to a girl like me to try something different. Thanks to the designer.

  7. Raven

    This kind of thing is definitely right up my alley. I have my nose pierced, my belly button pierced, I have a tribal tattoo, and I am always doing wicked fun things with my hair. Anything new and fashionable I gotta try. This is beyond fashion though. This is sexy stunning fun. I did this for me, which is why I think it worked for him.

  8. Rebeccaanne

    This product is high quality. Its like a high quality painting made just for you. When you put this on, you show you love yourself, and he will just adore that.

  9. Brittany Jackobson

    I like the quality of this thong and the color choice but the design is a little bit confusing. The bright colors and the shape is interesting and catchy but after looking at the thong more than 5 min it becomes boring. Otherwise the product has a huge potential and great price.

  10. Kelly

    I used to just wax my pubic hair and I thought that is the best solution. I never liked the different pubic hair trimming shapes. I can say that I was pretty skeptic when I first bought this product. When I put it on my skin, I felt just beautiful. I recommend it to every girl that wants to try something new.

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