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Leopard – Above the V animal


4.86 (29 reviews)

Tiger Print Temporary Tattoo for Vagina

Leopard print is in fashion, from handbags, to tights, to bikini. It is wild, it is energetic, it says “catch me if you can..”





Leopard Skin Vagina Tattoo

Leopard print is in fashion, from handbags, to tights, to bikini. It is wild, it is energetic, it says “catch me if you can..”



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Dimensions5 × 3 in

29 reviews for Leopard – Above the V animal

  1. Mounir Ghaly


    This is truly amazing. Can I sell it in my college

  2. Nathalie Meyer

    I really admire all of your design. Mounir mounir, you have put elgance in temporary sexy tattoos. Where can I buy your paintings.

  3. Erica

    This is one of the best designs, it looks amazing, it is more than I expected. The price is really good, I can even say cheap for this type of product. It looks sexy and daring. It lasts more than 10 days on bare skin and it is everything that a girl could want. Best body art ever!

  4. Mary

    I’m a sucker for leopard print, and I like body jewelry. I an getting this for my Valentine….

  5. Beatrice Potter

    OMG My husband and i feels the boredom in our intimate moments. So i am looking for something that will brimg back the fire. I hope this is it.

  6. PiperB

    If these dont make you want to play Adult hide and go seek…..

    you are either 80 in a Wheel Chair, or you are dead. It is the second time that I order from you. I tried another seller, nothing is as elegant .

  7. Kylee

    I’m falling in love with this product. Perfect on my fair skin and my sexy lingerie. This is my 5th order. You should have a point rewards system. For this I am giving you only 4 stars… but I think you are a fabulous artist.

  8. SFriedman

    I started with this leopard. I know your instructions say put it above the crack, but I wanted it to fully cover me all the way around like a thong, but it is hard to fit it that way. Can you make it so it works like a thong? Like cut out a slice from the bottom to make it go round?

  9. Cassandra

    Best designs ever. It feels me like a roar. My man really like it and we have so much fun. Thank you.

  10. Ayesha

    Great temporary tattoo. My husband loved it. It adds sexiness and exciting. Highly recommeded your art

  11. ZoeM

    This was a great buy. sensitive, sensual with a touch of erotic. Long lasting colors and this product is really waterproof. Has the best oral in months

  12. Sophia

    So seductive and gorgeous. My boyfriend turned on when he saw this.

  13. Nardia

    Design is very seductive and gorgeous. My boyfriend really like it. This is just an empower product. Awesome.

  14. Kelly Bryan

    This is one of the best products on the market worldwide! I have ordered 4 times already.

  15. Whitney Harrison

    My much love design. Felt more beautiful and bolder. My boyfriend started on my most precious part like the eye of the tiger. It was the wildest night ever.

  16. Barbara

    Design is so flirty seductive. I am getting this for thanksgiving.

  17. Kelly

    I am not a really big fan of leopard print, but my boyfriend is. He got this for me for my birthday, and I can say that it is my new favorite body art and it is his too, we have so much fun with this 😉 It looks soooo sexy…

  18. Claudine B

    I surprised my husband on our anniversary. When he pulled down my undies and saw this thing on my intimate part, damn he at it off me…absolutely longest night i ever had. Thanks to you..

  19. Norah

    Very sensual, gorgeous and exotic and classy also. Thanks to you.

  20. Alysa Parker

    I loved the design. It looks like tiger and that is what I wanted to be for my partner. Had great night. Great and sexy temporary tattoo.

  21. Gabriella

    What a great design! Beautiful print, it gets you in touch with the nature and the wildlife. The whole tattoo is very durable and it looks really good on the skin. It is better than anything similar I have seen on the market.

  22. Kaitlin

    I used to be too shy to walk around naked when I was with my boyfriend, but this pattern brings out the sexy cat in me. I feel free and sexy. It looks natural and it goes great with a bra with the same leopard print. I am much more confident in my skin with just a small detail. Thank you!

  23. Ciaran

    The design is wonderful. I really feel exotic when i apply this. I adore how it looks on my bare skin. So easy to apply. I took shower two times a day but the colors does not fades away. High quality product.

  24. Leanne

    Vivacious color. I feel like i am the queen of the Jungle. Dazzling and mesmerizing. The design is exotic that gives my king of the Jungle an erotic feeling.

  25. Monica

    I have tattoos in other parts of my body. I was thinking of getting tattooed on my vagina, but was afraid to do it. This silved the problem. Loved it. My partner loves it. She won’t leave my puss alone. Amazing

  26. Chloe

    Good product, but the design is not as good as I thought it would be, the colors are a little blurry. Still, the vattoo is very durable, it stays on the skin for more than 10 days. All in all, I am very satisfied with this product and I would recommend to anyone.

  27. Caitlyn

    OMG!!! This product is perfectly tremendous. Top quality product. Strongly recommended.

  28. Julie M

    It feels like i’m a sexy cat and my boyfriend act like a brave dog. We really enjoy the whole night. Thanks to you. Highly recommended

  29. Jewell

    Very exotic. It made me look and feel diffrtent. I have always needed oral to orgasn. With this simple trick, my husband just wanting to do the nasty every night. A million thanks to you.

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