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Groovy Sixties Fake Tattoo – Be a Work of Art


5.0 (9 reviews)

Art after Full Brazilian Waxing



This Temporary Tattoo celebrates the sixties and seventies decades. Remember when they said Groovy baby! These were the days of love and peace in the sixties and seventies – the days of rock and roll, and smoking pot was illegal in all states. In Woodstock women did not care if they shaved their Pubic Hair, and Brazilian Waxing was not here yet.  But sexual liberation brought people together – 400,000 people in Woodstock for peace and love .  We celebrate those days with our sixties inspired Temporary Tattoo… it was the biggest counter culture awakening and also the beginning of sexual freedom! Artist mounir mounir used a design from the era to create his Groovy Sixties Temporary Tattoo for you


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Dimensions5 × 3 in

9 reviews for Groovy Sixties Fake Tattoo – Be a Work of Art

  1. Daisy

    Sexy time travel! It looks vintage in the best possible way. It makes the role playing even better. .. My boyfriend loves the new me. He is always checking me down there to see if I have a new one. Love the difference it made in our relationship!

  2. Erica

    I love the fact that these temporary vagina tattoos. I was amazed by the quality of the product is on the highest level and these temporary tattoos look like they cost hundreds of dollars the best thing is it does not hurt and you can change the way the kitty looks any time Best product on the market.

  3. Becky

    I was nervous at first even as a Hippee as I had never put any tattoos on my nether region. Im glad I decided to be adventurous. My guy liked it. It made for a playful evening for us both. Smiles all around.

  4. Melody

    I bought it because it looked cute, and I wanted to give this whole thing a try. After all, if I can get a Brazillian wax, I can try this for my husband. It felt like he was falling for me all over again. It was amazin.

  5. Kaliope

    These temporary tattoos tell a story passion and love. This design takes me back in time. I love the colors, the product was easy to apply and it lasted for 3 weeks. Great design, great product. A+

  6. Stacy

    Color burst out. With this hippee design it feels me on the groove. Perfect to wear with or without undies. I just love it

  7. Maggie

    …..this is not a novelty dime store item. It will not peel or fade after one shower and shave. You will stay stunning for days and he will be eating his heart out.

  8. Ashley

    Color is really good, sixties style. My boyfriend really enjoyed it. He is the one buying them for me now. We play fantasy vattoo

  9. Denise

    This lasts and lasts, looks good, and the cost is affordable. I recommend it.

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