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Fire & Ice Vagina Tattoo


4.89 (27 reviews)

Sexy Vagina Temporary Tattoo. Fire and Ice Pattern

• Your Shaved Pubic area must be dry and free of oils







Create your own storm! Be confident as ice, then send down flames of fire to those who dare you. This is really one of our most provocative temporary tattoos.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 in

27 reviews for Fire & Ice Vagina Tattoo

  1. Nattie

    Bought this for Valentine Day this year…… fantastic look… fantastic sex last night

  2. Wanda

    I felt lusty after putting it on. Excellent sexy tattoo.

  3. Ruby

    This is my third time to buy. This time I am buying after my waxing for Valentine day. Your sexy temporary tattoo always blend on my skin tone. Very simple to apply.. stay looking good for 12 days. Wonderful body art. Kudos to artist mounir mounir. We need to increase the attention to down there

  4. Amber

    Exceptional design!!! I really love this vattoo thong as well as my boyfriend also love it. We always have an extreme delighted night and he sought for even more.

  5. April C

    Gorgeous and endearing, this is all i can say to this product.

    It outburst my happiness. Thanks to the artist mounir mounir . I want to you to see me in it.

  6. Brie

    Sexy, Cute, Girlie and great. This temporary tattoo Vatoo thong exceeded my every expectation.

  7. Chandra C

    I wanted to try something new and this product is really great idea. Modern design, so refreshing. It enhance our inner beauty. Five stars for this.

  8. Anastasia P

    Love the color. Perfect to my tanned skin. Very classy and seductive tattoo. Suitable tattoo for women of every age. Good job.

  9. Maegan

    Perfect combination, fire and ice at the same time. The strong and vibrant colors fits to my skin. Great thanks to the designer. I want to do you

  10. Mirela

    Nice strong color. The design is high quality. Looks awesome to my radiance skin. All in all.. PERFECT.

  11. FayeH.

    I actually bought this before waxed my pubic hair for the first time last week. So, I waxed for you. The look is fantastic. My boyfriend stayed down for a long time – next time, add a flavor.

  12. Danielle

    Perfect design. Makes you sizzling and sexy. It lasted for more than a week. Highly recommended.

  13. Lexi

    One of the most beautiful and dering designs. I really like the colors, they are making a difference. Perfect quality, perfect design. One of the best products on the market.

  14. Brie S

    Love this Vattoo, it was all fire, no ice believe me. When did you start this?

  15. Ellen D.

    I did not know what to expect of this product. Admittedly many times when you go to buy something online, pictures make something look better than it is, or they just do not show up or look quite right. You look at those pretty girls and think can I pull this off? Well knowing that something this beautiful adorns your feminine folds makes it a lot easier to sizzle between the sheets for your man. This more than met my expectations. It exceeded it.

  16. Laura

    I applied this product and it lasted eight days (yes, I shower daily), and probably would have lasted longer if I hadn’t intentionally removed it. The colors were great like the first day I put it, when I removed it. The design is unique and really interesting. Overall great product.

  17. Mel Heckman

    The colors seem astonishing with my laze underwear. Very natural and sturdy. I’m so happy that i found this product. Great job to inventor.

  18. Jill Cook

    I like the way this thong conforms to my body. The design gives a happiness explosion. So sexy and endearing. Gives skin a smooth touch. I am glad that i found this product. Thanks to the designer.

  19. Angel

    This design looks elegant. Blending of shade is so incredible. The quality of product is sturdy and effortless to apply. Two thumbs up to the maker of this product.

  20. Jasmin

    Great design with affordable price. Much loved about this art other than design are effortless to apply and does not fade fast. Excellent quality

  21. Abby

    I’m truly blissful that i apply this product. My sex life is now much more thrilling. Highly recommended to all the women.

  22. Cheska

    It’s natural and fine looking on my light skin. Very impressing. Perfect to all woman who wants transformation. Extremely recommended.

  23. Anna Maria Powell

    The prints and colors match my strong personality. It shows the confidence and sexiness. In one word, PERFECT.

  24. Deb

    I saw this and had to get it. Its beautiful. It makes you look like a piece of art. You will be proud to show it off.

  25. Tracy Anne

    This product is a worth to buy. Very durable and looks good on a naked skin. Shipping is very fast aND inexpensive. Overwhelming. I recommend it if you like to go bald down there.

  26. Casey

    I got this because I wanted to bring my man to his knees and then some. I also wanted to look and feel beautiful for myself. We had a wonderful experience because of the Vatoo that neither of us will soon forget. Thanks Vatoos! I will be coming back.

  27. Phoebe

    This temporary tattoo is so sexy when you press It’s so worth the price and so much more for that.

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