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See My Fourth of July Vagina Tattoo


4.92 (13 reviews)

sexy Vattoo. American Pie


  • Your Shaved Pubic area must be dry and free of oils
  • Use small scissors and cut neatly around the image of the Temporary Tattoo
  • Position Tattoo on your clean and shaved pubic area just above your clitoris – do not cover the vagina lips
  • Use slightly wet washcloth ready- not too wet. Use the palm of your hand and press the tattoo evenly on your skin – the image must be facing your skin. Press for 30 Seconds
  • Carefully gently peel away the paper. The Tattoo will be transferred to your skin
  • Our temporary Tattoos come with full instructions


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Make your own fireworks on the Fourth of July…Don’t wait till darkness falls. In the heat of the mid summer day, drop down your panties and start the celebration..

Our temporary tattoos (Vattoos) are made to interlace with your skin to give a more natural look.  Your skin will show through what appears as white on the Vattoo image on the left

Best Temporary Tattoo Application: After applying your temporary tattoo, rinse the image with water and then fully pat dry. After you are fully dry, use a large makeup brush and stroke over the Tattoo with translucent makeup powder.

Water Proof:   Our Tattoos are water proof. You can shower, go swimming, and make love normally. They will last looking good for about two weeks.

To Remove:  If you wish to remove your Tattoo early, use a cotton ball and baby oil and rub over the image gently

Safety: Our Tattoos are made in the USA by TMI of Tucson, Arizona. TMI puts out 7 million temporary tattoo images daily with an excellent safety record. Tattoos do not contain Black Henna or PPD. All colors are FDA approved. Should you develop skin irritation, remove Tattoo with baby oil as instructed.


13 reviews for See My Fourth of July Vagina Tattoo

  1. Lindsay

    erfect for this Fourth of July celebrations. Beautiful design especially the heart shape. My husband will get the pleasure he wants..

  2. Libby

    This just made me think of that kate perrry Song. Not in a cutsy Girlie Power way though. 🙂 be assured that when your peel it off their will be fireworks with these.we are starting the 4th early

  3. Anna

    If you put this thong on your skin, your partner will for sure give you their heart. It is new and it is amazing! When I first bough it, my boyfriend was amazed! It is a must have! I felt the difference on my skin, you should too.

  4. Lindsay

    Perfect for this Fourth of July celebrations. Beautiful design especially the heart shape. My husband will get the pleasure he wants..

  5. Natalie

    The color contrast is really beautiful on this design. The red really pops out. Beautiful design. This is so much better than the old temporary tattoos. These vattoos are so modern and the price is just perfect. I believe that I will order all of them! Just perfect product!

  6. Sarah

    This is cool. It looks good. Its not expensive, and he will want to take it off, and off and off….

  7. Julia Philips

    Cut design. I really love the heart shape and the pop out stars. Very resilient and looks great with or without underwear.


  8. Nathalia

    The color and the hearth shape in center is fascinating. When you ware this, you show your love to the country. Happy Fourth of July.

  9. Jillian

    I feel like fireworks! Since I got this vattoo I am more confident, I look better, and I am even more creative in the bedroom. My partner loves you guys and he really thanks you! It is better than handcuffs and whipped cream. 😉

  10. Johanna

    This thong is perfect for Fourth of July celebrations and for every other day! It looks great, the little stars in the back are just perfect, they don’t show too much, but you can still see them. The heart with the nice vibrant red color looks amazing! I have this vattoo on me about 10 days and the colors are still like the first day I put it on me.

  11. V. V.

    These are the sexiest things ever. When I opened the package and pressed these things on I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and had to remind myself this was me. I cannot wait until I can take it all of for my man later on. Its gonna be a wild 4th

  12. Eva

    This splash of color was something unexpected for my husband of three years tonight. We had such a wonderful

    explosion of fireworks even before it got dark. And he wanted more again afterwards.

  13. Patsy

    These products were obviously made by a talented caring artist that understands women’s va Jay fantasies. We want to present it as a flower, or an exotic jewel box. Brazilian plus temporary sexy tattoos is the only one on the market that gets women.Its unbelievable to think that these designs were adapted to temporary tattoos of such quality. As an artist myself I appreciated the difficulty of that, and as a woman wanting something a bit different, I had to try it. Its a good product.

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