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Temporary Vagina Cosmetics. Surf’s Up


4.93 (28 reviews)

Temporary Tattoo. Surf's Up


  • Your Shaved Pubic area must be dry and free of oils
  • Use small scissors and cut neatly around the image of the Temporary Tattoo
  • Position Tattoo on your clean and shaved pubic area just above your clitoris – do not cover the vagina lips
  • Use slightly wet washcloth ready- not too wet. Use the palm of your hand and press the tattoo evenly on your skin – the image must be facing your skin. Press for 30 Seconds
  • Carefully gently peel away the paper. The Tattoo will be transferred to your skin
  • Our temporary Tattoos come with full instructions








Wax your Vajayjay then Wax your Board…surf’s up
This Vattoo design celebrates the active surfer.   Apply to your mound after hair removal.  Our temporary tattoos are waterproof and will last looking great for up to two weeks. Come on Huntington Beach…

Best Temporary Tattoo Application: After applying your temporary tattoo, rinse the image with water and then fully pat dry. After you are fully dry, use a large makeup brush and stroke over the Tattoo with translucent makeup powder.

Water Proof:   Our Tattoos are water proof. You can shower, go swimming, and make love normally. They will last looking good for about two weeks.

To Remove:  If you wish to remove your Tattoo early, use a cotton ball and baby oil and rub over the image gently

Safety: Our Tattoos are made in the USA by TMI of Tucson, Arizona. TMI puts out 7 million temporary tattoo images daily with an excellent safety record. Tattoos do not contain Black Henna or PPD. All colors are FDA approved. Should you develop skin irritation, remove Tattoo with baby oil as instructed.

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 3 in

28 reviews for Temporary Vagina Cosmetics. Surf’s Up

  1. Nikola

    a must have for every girl this summer. Intensive dazzling color. Loved it, thank you. B

  2. Kristine

    I love to surf. Love this particular design. Hang 10 mounir mounir

  3. Nina

    I am always shaved and buffed, so this is just perfect cuz my boyfriend is a surfing addict…. I mean he will leave the bed in the middle of everything when he gets his surf alert. So, I wore this last night, and when I dropped my panties, OMG….. very nice, love your designs

  4. Alexis

    If you have the perfect bikini for the swim season, and face it, if your like most warm blooded women that is one of the first things you buy this time of year, your outfit just is not complete without this underneath your bikini bottoms. Spend some time soaking up the rays with your man, than get him in the bedroom. Make sure you dont have anything planned, your going to be there awhile.

  5. Tiffany H.

    The best quality product on the market. Price, it doesn’t cost you a lot, very much affordable. Design, it captivates me. Materials, very durable, it can last more than a week. Shipping, very fast. Perfect!!!

  6. Natalie

    I personally love surfing, so this vattoo was the perfect one for me! I loved everything about it. Would love to meet the artist mounir mounir

  7. Wendy

    I love the way this temporary tattoo Thong conforms to your body6 resembling a sexy beach thong, and I got this particular Vatoo because I felt like an artist had done his work on me once this tatoo was finally applied to my skin.

    Its a sexy product, no doubt about that. It adds to the sexy state of mind, and looks and feels absolutely great. I highly recommend giving this a try. If your proud of your body, show it.

  8. Melissa Hudson

    Incredible how this looked on me. Perfect design for this summer.

  9. Micah Halter

    I love the design. Very chic and trendy. I am confident and feel sexy to wear my bikini this summer. Trust me girls, try and buy this product and you will love it.

  10. Victoria

    Creative design. I really adore the thought of the designer. Much more exciting is, it has various design after every waxing.

    Good job.

  11. Diana

    this is absolutely one of the sexiest products of all time. I’m getting a lot of sex because of it

  12. Priscilla M

    I am confident of how I look to my body. It really matched on my bikini top. I am now ready for the beach. Great job.

  13. Janneth

    Incredible how this thong looks. This product is definitely a must for the new woman… which is moi

  14. Latisha M

    This is the best thing i spent my money.Easy to apply and easy to take off. And most of all it looks wonderfully on my skin. All in all, PERFECT

  15. Erica Smith

    I get full brazilian wax. damn it’s a wonderful concept. All the designs are really amazing. I’m so glad that i found this. It is really like wearing jewelery on the pussy

  16. Valerie Smith

    I always wax to have a little spice in my sex. This took it to anothet level. I an telling you girls….My husband went wild and performed very well. Highly recommend it.

  17. Maria

    Sex on fire was the first thing that came on my mind when I saw this product. This is my new favorite fashion accessory. I love it and my boyfriend loves it.

  18. Claire N

    Attractive and charming. Wonderful design with the wonderful colors. Girls if you wanna have fun this summer, try this and you won’t regret it.

  19. Cassadra

    I feel like a beach bomb when i apply these temporary tattoos. So gorgeous and sexy. I am one of your best customers.Thanks to sales guy Fred for the discount

  20. Kelly Bryan

    my sister told me about this site before going to holiday. My boyfriends was stunned when he saw the tongue on me.

  21. Holly

    I usually shave my pussy. This was like a present in wrapping paper. It was a sexy feeling! Love it

  22. Mary

    Cool for this summer parties. Wore it in nude jacuzzi party. I think your sales will rocket after this. It’s the sexiest things i ever tried

  23. Sam F

    Vivacious, and stunning. Was perfect match for my bikini and tan skin. Really Perfect!

    • Admin


      Did the sexy you surprise you?

  24. Emily Cooper

    I have shaved my pubic hair since I was 16. This product is the best adornment. Thank you mounir mounir design and color Thanks.

  25. Kim Hunt

    This is my first time to have a body art. And I’m glad that i tried it. It enhance my self confidence and i feel more sexy. I will buy more design. Highly recommended

  26. Taylor

    Girls, let me tell you a secret – before knowing about these products I wasn’t a big fan of waxing everything down there… I thought that it looked too bare and unattractive. Now I am sure that I look like a woman, I am fully waxed and I have this beautiful design between my legs. I feel like I have Australia on me, I just need a nice guy to “ride my waves” 😉

  27. Patrishea

    I just went through an awful breakup of a long term relationship and started dating again. My confidence was shattered. These gave me the confidence to step out. Had great dates. Thank you mounir mounir. I am available if you want to paint me directly. … ha

  28. Lauren

    This vattoo thong makes me feel proud taking my clothes off. You must try this if you’re looking for something to spice up and more battle on your bedroom.

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