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Painted Thai Silk Pattern Thong Temporary Tattoo


5.0 (16 reviews)

Real looking temporary tattoos

Adorn your love mound with lotus and Thai silk design. Here’s an idea, invite your lover to a eat in Thai restaurant… show him where it is and he will eat surely eat!



Pubic Mound with Thai Silk

Adorn your love mound with lotus and Thai silk design. Here’s an idea, invite your lover to a eat in Thai restaurant… show him where it is and he will eat surely eat!


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Dimensions3 × 5 in

16 reviews for Painted Thai Silk Pattern Thong Temporary Tattoo

  1. Alicia

    I have ordered before. This is definitely one of my favorites Vattoos.

  2. Gary

    I’d be lying if I said I bought this thinking entirely of my girlfriend and the smile on her face when she opened the package. This isn’t like chocolates and diamonds. The pictures were nothing compared to seeing it on her. This product is great and cheapt, and a no brainer for us guys. Im telling my friends all about the great night we had thanks to Vatoos.

  3. Kara

    This looks great. Its gotta be the best. I loved it. I am actually going to Thailand with my boy friend for Christmas!!

  4. Renata

    This is the best design! Look like Mulon, be an oriental princess. This will get him on those silk sheets with you. You will be amazed.

  5. Alysa Parker

    OMG!!! This is so good that every girl that doesn’t have one of this necklaces should reconsider her decision. The design , the color and especially the signature of this one of a kind creator that makes unique pieces are just amazing. And the price is affordable too, so all in all it is a fantastic product.

  6. Shari Lynn

    I have a thing for exotic look clothing and jewelry. I love earrings and necklaces. Amazingly, it had never came to me until recently that you could also put jewelry ‘down there’. This exotic look is certainly a motivator to keeping that midsection healthy and tan, and great looking. This stuff really looks like lace when you get it on, and that look is just awesome with the right bra or bikini top.

  7. Gracie

    This is more colorful, more silky, more sexy, than you can imagine! If you want to spice things up, this is the sure way!

  8. Daisy

    Pink is my favorite color, and I am so happy that you offer this beautiful design. It is mesmerizing! I can’t find the right words to explain how good it looks on bare skin! You just have to have it! I plan to buy at least 10 vattoos with this design!

  9. Chloe

    Really really really good product! The bright colors are looking amazing on my skin! This is a must after every waxing! My skin feels so silky with these vattoos. I really like the design and the color choice. Perfect for every season.

  10. Julie

    I dont leave a lot of reviews, but I was so impressed by this product I had to do so in this case. I got this for me as much as for anything. It did have the added benefit of giving me and the man a few days of some hot, hot sex though. This design looks so much like real lace from a distance as the moonlight hits your skin. I loved it.

  11. Brittany Jackobson

    Great design and shape!!!I think that this might be the perfect peace of a necklace if only the colors were not so intensive. All the other facts are great and i recommend this product to every woman that i know, but the only thing because I’m going to rate it with 4 stars is that the colors are just too intensive.

  12. Alysa Parker

    Perfect lines mixture with colors that are bright and relaxing. This product makes me feel so great and that costed me so cheap. Unbelievable how great this item is. I LOVE IT!!!

  13. Gabriella

    Good design, I like the color choice, I like the durability and the fact that these vattoos are easy to apply and easy to take off, but the thing that I don’t like is how it all looks down there after a few days after shaving. I would recommend to the other girls, if you shave, choose a darker design, the bright designs don’t look so good after a week.

  14. Amber

    When I saw this picture for the first time I knew I must have this necklace. It look great, the price is great and the shipping is super fast. The creator did excellent job.

  15. Sarah Hanson

    This product was something i was looking for years. I feel really comfortable while im wearing this vattoo, and i will purchase more of these vattoos again.

    • admin

      Thank you Sara Hansen. We welcome your business. Sign up for specials

  16. Amy

    My surprise to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day fun. I knew I had to have it! I can tell you, this is the best thing I have spent my money on. It looks natural and extremely sexy.

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